Go Kart – Auscarts Racing

Auscarts Racing
50 Salmon Street
Port Melbourne, VIC 3207
Phone: +61 (03) 9646 6015

Auscarts Location


Thanks to my brother and his lovely wife for giving me such an exciting birthday gift last year – Go Kart gift voucher! It took me a while to redeem it and both Jih Ying and I enjoyed it very much today.

Auscarts Racing’s staff were very friendly and helpful and they made the whole place safe and fun for everyone. When we arrived, we registered our names and undergo a breathalyzer test to ensure everyone’s safety. Then they took us to a quiet room and gave us instructions and showed us where the helmets are and also made sure the helmets fits us right before leading us to the race track.

IMG_5007[1]Indoor Race Track

IMG_5010[1]Waiting for our turn

IMG_5013[1] Jih Ying waiting anxiously 🙂

IMG_5020[1]This is us after breathalyzer tests, instructions and helmets on ready to race.

IMG_5019[1]The bridge leading to the other side, which is the starting point of the race track.

IMG_5021[1]I came out from the kart first as I ended earlier and took a photo of Jih Ying. He enjoyed himself so much after the race 🙂

IMG_5023[1]One of their friendly staff offered to take a photo for us after seeing me taking a photo ofJih Ying.

IMG_5025[1] This is our score, as you can see, I slowed down by a lot towards the end as it took up so much of my energy 😛

I enjoyed my activity today with Jih Ying and am very happy! Thank you so much to my brother and his lovely wife for such great gift! I’ll definitely go there more now since it’s so close to where I live 🙂